Our Leadership

We believe that Jesus has commissioned the local church to be the primary means of advancing the Great Commission, in addition to being the context where all believers are to grow in holiness, be equipped for service, and bear witness to the saving grace of God. God’s Mercy to Haiti is a Christian ministry organization whose purpose is to equip the church. Specifically, The Church of the God of Perfection in Kilbite, Haiti. Jesus is our leader. The Holy Spirit is our Light and Guide. The scriptures are our instruction (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Jeff Maskevich is the founder and director of God’s Mercy to Haiti. After his first trip to Haiti in 2010 Jeff has been faithful to serve the church and village. Pastor Jeff has served the Lord as a prison chaplain, pastor, maternity home house parent, and church planter. Pastor Jeff and Pastor Robert Gerguens serve as elders in The Church of the God of Perfection.

Robert Gerguens is the Pastor of The Church of the God of Perfection in Kilbite. Pastor Gerguens is a gifted evangelist, preacher, administrator, prayer warrior, and leader. God uses Pastor Gerguens in very powerful ways to grow His church. Pastor Gerguen’s leadership and character help to define this ministry.

Patrick Larochelle is the GMH operations manager in Haiti. Patrick has lived in both the United States and Haiti. His wisdom and understanding of both cultures make him uniquely qualified for his role.  Patrick is on call 24/7 for village emergencies. He oversees day to day operations for the church, school, and clinics in Kilbite.

Guinel Isnadin is the village leader in Kilbite. Pastor Jeff and Guinel have been close friends and ministry partners following Guinel’s conversion in 2011. Since his conversion, Guinel has devoted his life to Christ to the church and to all of Kilbite. Guinel donated the land for both the school and church. He oversees all projects for the village including ‘Clean Water for Kilbite.’

Jacelen Mervilus is the principal at The God of Perfection’s Elementary School. He will start his 2nd year in the fall of 2018. Jaclen is a strong leader whose presence brings order and calm to the entire school. Jaclen is well educated and is naturally gifted for his role. He is resourceful and energetic and an integral part of our leadership team.

Anid Isnadin is our kitchen manager. She is in charge of cooking, managing the food and the kitchen staff for the School of the God of Perfection. She is not only an efficient and skilled manager but a great cook as well.

T-fre Pierre is God’s Mercy to Haiti maintenance man. T-fre helped build most of the school building. He is skilled, organized and conscientious. T-fre knows how to get things done. And done well! T-fre has his own carpentry business also.

US Board

The mercy expressed through God’s Mercy to Haiti is governed by The Church of the God of Perfection. The finances for GMH are governed by the board in the US. Each board member contributes financially to GMH, and each has been to Kilbite to serve. Most have been to Haiti multiple times. They have done construction alongside the villagers, helped people get started in business, brought people to Haiti to serve, and have even taken part in village weddings! The US Board has been most valuable producing fruit through the Holy Spirit.

US Board Members

  • Jeff Maskevich, President
  • David Way, Vice President
  • Pastor Michael McLane, Secretary /Treasurer
  • Robin Duhn
  • Ron and Ruth Shaw
  • Jeff Becker
  • Pastor Greg Jorgensen


To God be the glory!