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Nerds Rednecks & Knuckleheads is a down to earth, uniquely written book that shows how God connects the spiritual dots of life. It’s a witty, engaging read about the sovereign grace of God.

Jeff shares personal stories that are heartwarming, heartbreaking, jaw dropping, funny, serious, and supernatural. Best of all, each and every one illustrates the grace of God.

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Wild Pineapple Wine

I was walking in the remote foothills in southern Haiti. I saw a wild pineapple growing just a few feet from the path. That’s where the idea for Wild Pineapple Wine was birthed. I shared this idea with Bob and Nan Smith, the owners of Stone Cliff Winery in Dubuque, Iowa. They loved it too!

Nan developed the recipe for Wild Pineapple Wine and Bob started selling. All to provide mercy to the poor in Kilbitè. They donate $3.25 for every bottle of Wild Pineapple Wine sold.

It has a very fruity Caribbean flavor. We hope you enjoy it!

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