The School of the God of Perfection

The School of the God of Perfection is a sanctuary, a place to learn, to be fed, and to worship. A place where the foundations of faith and life are built.

Odieu Jean-Baptiste
School Director

Our school

The School of the God of Perfection begins every day with prayer.
Every day we worship the Lord together. Each child has their own Bible and attends chapel every Friday led by Pastor Gerguens. Each school day our students are fed a hot nutritious meal prepared by our kitchen staff. Our teachers are all nationally certified. And all our staff are members of The Church of the God of Perfection. The mission of God’s Mercy to Haiti is to equip our church and school so that glory of Christ is evidenced to all.

Bible Training for Pastors

God’s Mercy to Haiti Ministry Leader David Way has taken the lead to take Pathways Bible training to local pastors in our area. David does more than feed. He teaches leaders to fish. Pathways trainers ( travel worldwide to equip pastors with sound methods to discern and convey the message of God’s Word. And in turn these leaders are equipped to also pass on to others how to understand and apply the Word of God. As turmoil in Haiti escalates it becomes increasingly difficult to bring this essential training.

Please pray for our continued access.