A New Book by Pastor Jeff Maskevich

Nerds Rednecks & Knuckleheads is a down to earth, uniquely written book that shows how God connects the spiritual dots of life. Its a witty, engaging read about the sovereign grace of God.

Jeff shares personal stories that are heartwarming, heartbreaking, jaw dropping, funny, serious, and supernatural. Best of all, each and every one illustrates the grace of God. 

Table of contents

/ 1. Knucklehead Breakthrough
/ 2. A Redneck with Wheels
3. The Kingdom of God Disguised as Camp Snoopy
4. Guilt on the Rocks
/ 5. Criminal Thinking Error #8
/ 6. Job is Not a Republican
/ 7. A Deaf Man Hears from God
/ 8. Here is Grace
/ 9. The Blessing of Fear
/ 10. Bad Credit? No Credit? No Problem!
/ 11. Discipleship Happens
/ 12. Let the Chunks Fall Where They May

A voice echoed off the walls in the prison yard. “Hey, Chaplain! Jose told me to tell you he didn’t mean to shoot that cop!”

I was a renegade chaplain ministering to redneck inmates. It was a great fit.

The big difference between the drama in the prison and the drama in the maternity home? In prison ministry, I got to go home at the end of the day.

“Christ paid your debt with His own blood,” I said. Bob saw himself as the last worker in line. Days away from death, he knew exactly what Jesus meant. I didn’t have to connect the dots for him. “What do I do with all this?” he asked. “The response is simple. Fall on Christ. Fall on His mercy. Receive Christ by faith.” “Faith, huh?” he said in a low, reflective, almost inaudible tone. His response slowly grew into delight, then pleasant surprise. Then he seemed almost amused. Bob had admitted earlier that he had never prayed in his life. Now I asked him to pray. For about thirty seconds, he bowed his head in complete silence. Bob was praying for the first time in his life.

Living life to enjoy and glorify God? I felt as if I was in a redneck beer commercial in a spiritual context. It didn’t get any better than this.