Kilbite School

The School of the God of Perfection is now in our 5th year. We have 84 students from K-6th grade. High academic standards, gifted teachers, and an administration that emphasizes discipline, personal responsibility, and hard work ensure our student’s success.

The school is a ministry of the church. Our educated and trained staff are all part of The Church of the God of Perfection. There is a great bond between us all as we all worship, learn, and serve side by side.

We started out by using the church building as a school building. Donations were raised from August of 2016 through August of 2017 and a new 4000 square foot building complete with kitchen, cafeteria, basketball courts and bucket flushing latrines was constructed and completed for the start of the 2017 school year.

Every day classes start with prayer. Scripture is an essential part of our curriculum. After school activities include learning English, community service projects, soccer, and music. Each day the students and staff are fed a filling and nutritious lunch. Every parent is eager to place their child in our school. The waiting list includes every family in the village that is not already in the school.

100’s of parents cannot afford to feed their families once a day in Kilbite, much less send their kids to school. God’s Mercy to Haiti’s goal is to offer education and one meal a day to EVERY child in our village.

About 50% of the meals we provide are from Meals from the Heartland in De Moines Iowa. We are grateful for their generosity.

Our 2020/21 operating budget for the school is $65,000.