Kilbite Clinic

Medical and healthcare have just arrived in the village of Kilbite. Now every other Tuesday GMH has arranged for a mobile medical clinic and pharmacy in Kilbite to treat the people. Over the past year we have been working closely with Dr. Vlad, a local Haitian physician. He is a trusted and committed partner. His clinic is just a few miles from the village and is staffed 24/7 complete with state of the art equipment.

In April of 2017, GMH brought a medical team from the US to minister in Kilbite. Medical charting was started for each patient. These charts are now being used by Dr. Vlad to assist in treating the villagers. At our April 2018 clinic the American doctors, nurses, and staff treated over 250 patients. This effort combined with our work with Dr. Vlad behind the scenes helped implement this essential mobile clinic.

High blood pressure and diabetes are a great health concern. In addition to the clinic we have established a pharmacy to meet the needs of the people. Children, pregnant women, and people with chronic issues now have access to treatment, and emergency medical care is available to all. Still so much more needs to be done. Haiti isn’t a 3rd world country when it comes to basic health care. It’s a 4th world country. In rural areas like ours, there is no clean water supply. People drink, bathe, and cook using water from a dirty stream. Disorders like chicken pox, worms, and vaginal infections are very common. Vaccinations for the most basic conditions like TB, mumps, and whooping cough are non-existent in rural areas like ours.

The primary source of health issues in Kilbite is the lack of clean water. Visit our Clean Water for Kilbite page to see our efforts to remedy this.

Another goal is to bring American doctors and nurses and volunteers twice a year to improve and increase the medical care for the village. Our need for medical professionals from the States is ongoing. If you are interested in serving for a week once or twice a year it would be very valuable and most appreciated. Call or email Pastor Jeff.

God’s Mercy to Haiti has a vehicle that serves as a 24/7 emergency vehicle. Patrick Larochelle, our operations manager is on call 24’7 should emergency care be necessary. Scores of lives have been saved because we have a vehicle and Patrick was there to answer the call.

Also, the vehicle that we use as an ambulance is in dire need of replacement. Know someone with a vehicle to donate? Send them our way!