Kilbite Church

The church in Kilbite is called “The Church of the God of Perfection.” The church was planted January of 2013. For our first year we worshipped outdoors. That’s right…no building! This helped our spiritual growth. It taught us patience and faithfulness. Robert Gerguens is the pastor. I, Pastor Jeff, discipled Gerguens for 3 years until he was ordained. Pastor Gerguens is a 5 tool guy. He can run, field, throw, hit, and hit for power. He is a most gifted servant of God.

A year to the day after we had our first worship service our simple building was constructed. No walls and a dirt floor…but we had a roof over our heads! A group of 6 Americans pooled their money and went to Kilbite and alongside the Haitians built the church building. Slowly the building expanded to match the growing number of conversions of the Holy Spirit. Conversions are indeed frequent. It is a joy to be part of His supernatural working.

The Church of the God of Perfection is a strong teaching, mercy, and praying church. Battles with the evil powers of voodoo are a constant occurrence. We have a clothing ministry to villagers who are ashamed and won’t come to church because they have no decent clothing. We have a ministry to newborn moms and babies. A growing men’s discipleship ministry. The congregation is highly evangelistic. 5 to 6 nights a week there is always something going on at The Church of the God of Perfection.

The church’s most comprehensive ministry is our Christian school. All 16 of our school staff are of the church. The God of Perfection’s Christian school consists of 65 students from K – 4th grade. In addition to education and discipleship, each child and staff member are fed a filling and nutritious meal.

The church is now the hub of the community. It has replaced voodoo as the center of fellowship, healing, teaching, and worship. The entire village has been transformed since God planted this church. God knows how! Mesi Jezi!